7 Classy Gifts your recipient will love this Holiday

Vernic (Vicky) Popat
5 min readSep 23, 2022

Before heading out to your next big gathering, don't forget the drinks! Whether you're going to a friend or family member for dinner or gatherings it’s always etiquette to never go empty-handed. It shows you are thankful for the invite and the meal you're about to enjoy.

Here are my favorite drinks and accessories your recipient will love to have in their space and might even uncork at the table! They are all thought out there is definitely a drink for everyone on your list.

Dooney & Bourke Alto Wine Bottle Picnic Tote

If you know me, you know I love a good leather accessory. Dooney & Bourke did it! They created this beautiful wine bottle picnic tote. This is a must-have in my book of etiquette, showing up at someone's home especially if you are known for bringing wine as gifts then you need this!

Classy buckle closure, adjustable shoulder strap, removable suede divider. The leather itself is Italian Vacchetta, full-grained, vegetable-tanned vacchetta cowhide hails from Santa Croce sull’Arno, Italy which is the Province of Pisa.

I must also mention that this Dooney & Bourke Alto Wine Bottle Picnic Tote can also double as a purse when not carrying wine.. (something to think about)

Baldacci Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re headed to a family dinner, Baldacci should be the choice of wine to take. The bottle is beautiful with a detailed gold embossed crest. An amazing balance of acidity and fruit bold flavors of Mulberry, Pomegranate, Red Cherry, and Cedar Toast. Smaller berries with thicker skins bring another dimension to Cabernet Sauvignon.

The vineyard is located near Diamond Mountain, the soil is comprised primarily of volcanic ashes adding minerals to the wine and helping to temper the amazing amount of ripe fruit characteristics that come from the warm growing region. The berries are tiny with large seeds and the skins have a chewy jammy texture that transforms into a wine of extraordinary intensity.

Your recipient would enjoy the structure of this wine because it is so intense yet balanced.

Faraday West Indies Rum

I love outdoor get-togethers, Faraday West Indies Rum is one of the perfect additions for any outdoor gatherings. This rum has citrus flavors with balanced butterscotch and vanilla flavor finishing it off with smooth oak charred whiskey flavors. Wonderful to have by itself or add a splash to your favorite cocktail or enjoy its warm flavors with just lime and an ice cube.

Rampur Asava

Bourbon’s are wonderful after-dinner drinks. Rampur Asava does just that, it keeps the mood and conversations going from after dessert to a light recap with this bourbon. Flavors of apricot, blackberry & plum followed with hints of tobacco and spices. You can taste the manuka honey sweetness that highlights the spicy oak with vanilla, balanced with dryness from Indian red wine. The Rampur history is amazing, matured in American Bourbon barrels and meticulously perfected in Indian Cabernet Sauvignon casks for the first time in history resulting in a unique expression with an impeccable balance.

Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey

Keep the fun going with Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey, this is a bourbon whiskey I would bring to brunch (it’s never too early) and wonderful for those hotel-style Manhattan cocktails. Look no further because Breckenridge is your go-to! Aged for a minimum of 3 years in charred new American oak barrels, and blended to reveal the unique qualities of the Bourbon Whiskey. Deep, honey-amber hue with pronounced aromas of butterscotch, candied orange, and apple. Dry cacao and brown sugar re-defines your palate as the spirit lingers with hints of vanilla and white pepper.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection 100& Cabernet Sauvignon

A sophisticated on-the-go wine Robert Mondavi Private Selection beautifully wrapped in red with gold detailed accents on the bottle. I would enjoy this with a group of friends. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon made with only Cabernet Sauvignon grapes picked at the peak of ripeness and primarily from California’s Central Coast vineyards. Enjoy the natural complex flavors of blackberry, raspberry, and bell peppers with a hint of vanilla from aging in French & American oak.

Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a fully embodied wine that I would enjoy even by myself. A great wine to wind down a long day with. Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon is richly textured with California grapes picked at the peak of ripeness adding a twist to traditional barrel-aging, select lots of the blend are aged in a mix of new and used bourbon barrels giving the wine its deep undertones of toasted oak. The used barrels selected from a renowned Kentucky distillery exude notes of vanilla and dried herbs, hinting at the fine bourbon that once graced these casks. The result: Bold flavorful wine. Aromas of blackberry cobbler, graham cracker, brown sugar, milk chocolate, coffee, and smoke. Finishing off with flavorful hints of blueberry pie, praline, sweet vanilla custard, caramel, and mocha with a hint of toasted oak on the lingering finish.



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